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Introducing MYYN (Miyuyun) from the Kasugai Idols

Miyuyun is the sole active member of the Kasugai Idols. While she is based in Tokyo, she has joined the Kasugai Idol project, led by Yasuo Yamashita, that focuses on producing unique and engaging local idols in the town of Kasugai, located in Aichi Prefecture. Miyuyun has showcased her talent through over 150 live performances, primarily in Tokyo, all while claiming she is a Kasugai Idol. Since 2020, she has released six mini-albums, each consisting of five songs on a 20-minute CD-R, two 7-inch vinyl records, and an 8-cm CD. Her allure lies in her cuteness (kawaii), her candid and straightforward demeanor, and her unconventional behavior not commonly associated with idols, including her on-stage consumption of liquor, as well as the music which strays completely from the conventional idol genre. Dedicated fans of hers are referred to as ‘Miyuyun’s Army’ or simply ‘the Army,’ and they fondly call her ‘Tono,’ akin to a feudal lord. Beyond her role as a Kasugai Idol, Miyuyun is also a member of ‘Mi-II’ (pronounced ‘Me-Too’), a three-person ‘Vermin Idol’ group that emerged into a town from the foothills of Mount Fuji. Furthermore, she showcases her rapping skills in a collaboration with MC Annyu, known as ‘Anyumyu.

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What is the Kasugai Idol project?

Since 2012, the Kasugai Idol project has been creating a variety of charming local idols. Yasuo Yamashita, the producer, is based in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, and is responsible for writing and composing the majority of songs for the Kasugai Idols. However, there are a few exceptions, including lyrics written by the idols themselves, songs created by other musicians at the producer’s request, and cover songs in their repertoire. The Kasugai Idols’ fun live performances and inlaid gags attract keen enthusiasts. Their music incorporates elements of punk, techno, experimental sounds, noise, dub, sampling, krautrock, hammer beats. Printemps, Bonyari (Bonehead) Idol Kurumin, Girl Linear, Kitchen Idol Alice, Otama-chan, Golitopia, and Shu Moriguchi were some of the members of the Kasugai Idols. They occasionally collaborated with the band Kuru Kuru Gar, as well as with Yamashita’s band and other spin-off units. Currently, Miyuyun from the Kasugai Idols is the sole active idol.

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